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The games are one way for the baby to learn something amazing about the surrounding world, and for us it is always pleasant to play with. Share your joy you are welcome...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How the baby plays?

When the baby came home at the first time from the hospital, obviously finds a roomful of expensive toys. As an expression of parental love, the toys are impressive, but it came too early for the little stranger. Only at the end of the second year, when comes the ends of the baby age and begin the phase of the little child these toys gain importance for him. During the first year the desire for a game of the baby met only by the attention of parents. The most beautiful toy in the world is the attention of Mom and Dad ...
In the first weeks of his life the games are not interesting yet. The baby was preoccupied to get used to the new surroundings. During the second month it is pleasure to observe the interesting shadows over the gradle. We could assume that the first game of the baby is observation. When it turns three months the rattles bear its attention. Everything that give out some sound is impressive. Even more interesting is if the baby produces the sound by itself by taking in hand a toy and shaking it.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

How to make funny crowns for the baby’s party

Each party have some interesting games. You can make glad the kids with home made crowns having in mind the theme of the party

What do you need:

- some sheets copy paper (two for the crown ring and one to draw the picture)

- one color peace of paper (you can use even a paper serviette)

- pastels, pencils etc. to draw (if you are not sure that the picture will be enough comprehensible you can look for ready for print pictures from internet or cut of some magazine)

- clue (prefer dry clue)

At the beginning fold the two sheets of paper like this:

Stick the sheets together

Now envelop the sheets with the color paper. Than make a ring of it with the size of kids head (around 6-7 inches in diameter)

t is the creative work: use your imagination and draw some pictures according to the theme of the party like: animals (domestic animals or beasts), fruits (teach the kids to know the foods), planets (the Sun, the Moon, stars).

Now it is simple: just stick the picture to the ring.

Congratulations! Now … to the next one! Good luck!

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Be well-mannered

Who will play: children above 2 years

How to play: One of the players will be the leader. The leader ask the players to do something like “Sit down”, “Sing a song”, “Bark like a dog”, “Mew like a kitty” but it the players will do this only if the leaders says “Please” after the request. If the leader does not say the word “please” the players have to stand still. When somebody made a mistake he/she is out of the game. The last one becomes the new leader. Through a funny manner, this game show the kids how important is to be gentle and urbane.

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Day and night

Who will play: group of children above 2 years

What do you need: a special crown for the Sun (see how to make it)

How to play: The good news are that you can also play this game with the kids. One of the players (better some of the parents or a bigger kid) is the Sun. The role of the Sun is to say when it is a day and when it is a night. The Sun says “I am here again. It is a day” and every player must stand up and bring his hands up. When the Sun says something like “Oh, I will go to bed – it is a night” every player must sit down, close his eyes and keep quite. If anybody makes a mistake he is out of the game. The last player becomes the next Sun.

It is a funny game for camping, birthdays and kindergarten. Try it.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Who is my play-mate?

Who will play: at least four children above 2 years
What do you need: cards or draw by your self pictures with animals (two cards for each animal), a hat
How to play: Children should know which animal what sound makes.
Any child draws a card of the hat. After all children have a card they start to scream like the animal on it. They must found the other child who screams like the same animal. Much more children much more fun in this game.

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How to play together: 20 rules for the game

1. The most important thing is the child to feel safe and to feel protected. It needs intimacy to concentrate on his game.

2. The child have not be afraid of a punishment until it is playing so do not become it is quite noisy or mess up the room, sometimes this is just a part of the game. Tell him if you become uncomfortable, but do not restrict it too much.

3. Provide enough space to play. It does not mean always only the children's room, sometimes the children feel like isolated. Therefore give the baby a chance to share its game with you – give it a small place to play in the kitchen or living room, where the baby will feel free.

4. Other important places to play in the flat are the tub (where of course there are some boats, ducks or fishes) and a stable table used for painting and making some things and where the baby is free to make any scratches and stains.

5. Play with your child as more often! Even the best toys can not replace Mom and Dad. One child enjoys the games and learns more when has its parents attention.

6. But do not feel obliged to continuously play with your child. Say 'no' when you really do not have time. Your child must also learn to overcome the boredom by itself and to rely on its own ideas.

7. Leave the child to take the initiative. If the tower falls down six times and seventh remains, it will learn much more than if mom properly build the tower.

8. Express your interest to the game: you can watch, ask questions and propose how to continue the game further.

9. In games where is some kind of a contest (win or loose) make that so the child to have equal chances to win. This game is for example the game of dice in which relies on luck.

10. Join and sing with your child even when the text of the song is far away of the original one. Allow the child to play with the ball of a cloth made in a knot. This provoked his imagination and skill.

11. If your child goes deep into its game do not mess up! Compensate it with few more minutes to be able to finish the game for any urgent interruption.

12. Be sure that your child has enough contacts with his peers or with greater kids. Kindergartens, children's centers, and later - teams and courses, help your child to find friends and to obtain experience.

13. When you are choosing a toy, pay more attention to quality rather than the size. Toy must be multifunctional and not a danger to the child.

14. Do not hurry to throw away the unnecessary things from home, they can be used for the game - such as pillows, pots, boxes of shoes and eggs, buttons, clothing, pieces of wallpaper…

15. The best game for children is to help you. So clever parents allow their children to them in cooking, cleaning, in different preparations, even if by this delayed their work.

16. In the purchase of toys do not ignore the advices of the teachers and nurses from the kindergarten.

17. First of all watch your child carefully: what is it favorite game or toy, which toys put at his right side? Try to buy toys that would affect the child's multilateral - to be useful for building, painting and organizing, but also suitable for games in roles…

18. The order is a very important topic. Everything is OK if you do not have anything against when the toys and objects remain for several days scattered around the room, but if you did not agree to such chaos, provide enough s[ace to your children for their toys: cabinets, boxes, shelf… Sometimes the child could need your help to set in order its room.

19. In order to not be bored playing your kid, choose toys and games that could be interesting for you too but do not forget the requests of the child.

20. The last and the most important rule: do not forget to make fun together

Jolly games!